Hot Pies Delivered to Your Door

Two Guys and a Pie Delivery Zone

For those who have been bunching our pies from the get go, you know Two Guys and a Pie began as a delivery service, often in weather similar to now using trains, buses, bikes and by foot.  Deliveries were suspended as we focused on opening our little store in the watering holes of  Sanlitun.

Now we are primed to deliver hot pies directly to your door! Call us on 186 1105 3912 to put your order in.

During this soft period, we are only delivering hot pies and sausage rolls within 3km. You can look at the map below to see if you fall into the delivery zone.

If you are outside this area and would like some frozen pies delivered to your door, give us a call and we will do our best to work something out. We can deliver Tuesday – Sunday, from 6:30 pm – 11pm.

Two Guys and a Pie Delivery Zone

Two Guys and a Pie Delivery Zone

One reply on “Hot Pies Delivered to Your Door

  • Brett

    Came down today for a Beef pie and it was amazing. Just two suggestions. I would change the front page of this website. It makes it sound like you guys aren’t doing deliveries even though this post says that you are. Also I would have the hours of operation for the store somewhere. I almost didn’t go down because I was afraid you guys wouldn’t be open. Other than that great pies. I will definitely be back!



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