Sanlitun Store Closure


Today marks a bittersweet day for us. As we approach the 2 year anniversary of our Sanlitun store we’ve made the tough decision to close our store. Our lease ends on August 8 so this will be our last weekend and our last day of trade will probably be Tuesday or Wednesday.


When we made the decision to open the store we thought it would help spread the wonderful thing that is pies to the masses in China.

We were umming and aaghing right into the last month of our contract and in the end a new tenant was prepared to pay alot more money than what we were so the decision was made for us.

It’s disappointing to close the store and sad as we’ve got some extremely loyal customers and prided ourselves on being the only foreign pie shop in Beijing and being a renowned late night feed in Sanlitun.

However, running a store whilst having other full time jobs is exhausting and at this point in time we can better spread the word of pies by going back to our roots – deliveries and events.

We’ll be focussing our energies on bringing more products (flavours, mini pies, family pies etc) and revamping the website up to scratch.

Don’t be too sad…. we’re still offering pies

– We will still be delivering.

– We will still be doing events (school fairs, beer festivals, parties etc).

– You will see our products in a lot more places (you can get a feed at Janes and Hooch, Sweet Tooth Bakery, Unconditional Love, Deli de Luxe etc. We will post a page of stocked venues in the coming days).

– We will be offering catering soon. Stay posted and get ready for a website revamp

If you are interested to stock us in your venue or have us attend your event please email:

Hopefully in the near future you will also see another Two Guys and a Pie store.

Come by this the last weekend to the shop and celebrate “Soup Nazi style”
This will be the last weekend to see Andrew ‘mixmaster’ Papas and Matthew ‘Dough Masseuse’ Wong in the current digs. Friday and Saturday night respectively. Drop in and grab a pie and have a beer or a slushie as we say goodbye to what was a great time of our lives. Even though we will still offer pies it feels a little bit like the Soup Nazi closing for good in Seinfeld to us….

Many, many memories. A dedication to our customers:

We have had many great times and met some amazing people who have brought so many fond memories to us so we’re going to finish off this post by rattling off some of the highlights that come to mind:

– taking the pie-virginity of thousands of people. Is there anything more gratifying than seeing so many foreigners or Chinese eating meat pies for the first time in their lives? We think not. We’ve noticed our Chinese customers have been growing recently so this is unfortunate timing but we hope it’s a trend that will continue on

– we crowned Benny as our new Pie King last month after he ate 12 pies with a mountain of mash, gravy and peas on top of each. Give that man a medal. Our Pie Queen, JJ topped 6 pies. A record that has stood for over a year to this day

– playing “love hour” music on weekend evenings. We’d like to think we got a few people in the mood… for pies

– our friend May coming in with 20 inflatable balloons and taking up the entire 6sqm of space we have inside the store

– having a customer order gravy on his apple pie and ice cream on his beef pie despite our recommendation to swap it around

– customers unwittingly wiping their clothes on the magic marker writing on the pie warmer. We didn’t know whether to let them know or try to contain the laughter :P

– customers asking us where’s the toilet and we tell them to “Go nearby the tree.” Some took that literally

– being the first employer for some amazing store staff with bright futures ahead of themselves

– holding numerous conversations with semi-comprehensible customers at 2-4am. You know who you are… and we love you for it

– winning outstanding entrepreneur of the year in The Beijinger’s Restaurant awards

– running Beijing’s first crowdsourced pie competition with Timeout Beijing

– being filmed as part of the Australian TV series, Two Men in China

– the Beijing Beatles playing an acoustic set on our super intimate porch

– being invaded by a mob of zombies when we converted our shop into Mrs Lovett’s for Halloween

– featured in BTV, CRI, Bon TV, Lum Dim Sum, Beijing Boyce, The Beijinger, City Weekend, Timeout, That’s Beijing, Metro, Agenda, China Daily and many more media platforms. Thanks for the coverage guys

– packed houses at The Hutong for Pies and Ales nights

– being nominated in the late night category against behemoths such as Jin Ding Xuan, The Den and Bellagio

– representing at various Australia Day celebrations and sports functions

– helping raise over 10000rmb to fund an entire library in an under resourced school via the Library Project as part of Maovember

– donating to many, many worthwhile causes

– “celebrity spotting” – NBA winner Mike McGee. TV personality Stan Grant, HG from Roy and HG, Tim Flannery, Eliza Orlins from Survivor, some guy with 200000 Weibo followers,  Olympics gold medal winning Chinese athletes and more

– having numerous people Australians, Kiwis, Brits, returning Chinese etc come in and cry after finally being able to get “a taste of home”. Some have said our pies taste even better than back home. Music to the ears

– having a mysterious “egg shower” fall down on us at 3am from the building above us
The list goes on…

Once again, thanks for all of your support and we look are looking forward to seeing you all out in force this weekend.

Andrew and Matt

“Candy might be sweet, but it’s a traveling carnival blowing through town. Pie is home. People always come home.” ~ Pushing Daisies

“Pie is the food of the heroic. No pie eating nation can ever be vanquished.”  ~ NY Times


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