Game of Thrones Screenings at Constellation!

Game of Thrones fans would know that winter is coming to Beijing…. not really (though it would be nice to break up this heat!). To celebrate we are partnering up with our buddies at Constellation Cafe to hold weekly screenings every Wednesday.

In addition to screening the latest episode, there will be fantastic GoT inspired drink and food specials!

1) Pies

Our beloved GoT characters love a pie. Think the pigeon pie at Joffrey’s wedding and Arya serving “meat pie” to Lord Walder. Heck there is even a character named after pie! You’d almost think they love pies more than Aussies! (ok that’s a big fat lie).

Given this, we thought we had to have pies involved with GoT somehow and the ladies at Constellation were willing allies! Grab a pie on the night with a side and feel all regal-like. We promise we don’t put human meat in any of the pies…..

Joffrey Pie

2) Paninis

In house butcher Kara cures her own meats and combines them with lovely marbled bread to bring you paninis of awesomeness. James Franco is money and the only way to truly describe Constellation’s paninis is that they are ART.


Jo has your fangirl needs covered on the drinks too. Think a White Walker cocktail, if you’re feeling vengeful maybe a Red Wedding cocktail or a few Hodor shots if you’re in the mood to knock yourself out.

There’s plenty other specials on the night and a free cocktail if you come dressed for the occasion!


Constellation Café, Located near the Worker’s Stadium North, Xingfu Yicun Xili, Building 6A, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Phone: 136 8107 9980.

鲜花园幸福一村西里甲6103  新疆红玫瑰砰便

Game of Thrones Viewing Party at Constellation Cafe

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