Game of Thrones fans would know that winter is coming to Beijing…. not really (though it would be nice to break up this heat!). To celebrate we are partnering up with our buddies at Constellation Cafe to hold weekly screenings every Wednesday.

In addition to screening the latest episode, there will be fantastic GoT inspired drink and food specials!

1) Pies

Our beloved GoT characters love a pie. Think the pigeon pie at Joffrey’s wedding and Arya serving “meat pie” to Lord Walder. Heck there is even a character named after pie! You’d almost think they love pies more than Aussies! (ok that’s a big fat lie).

Given this, we thought we had to have pies involved with GoT somehow and the ladies at Constellation were willing allies! Grab a pie on the night with a side and feel all regal-like. We promise we don’t put human meat in any of the pies…..

Joffrey Pie

2) Paninis

In house butcher Kara cures her own meats and combines them with lovely marbled bread to bring you paninis of awesomeness. James Franco is money and the only way to truly describe Constellation’s paninis is that they are ART.


Jo has your fangirl needs covered on the drinks too. Think a White Walker cocktail, if you’re feeling vengeful maybe a Red Wedding cocktail or a few Hodor shots if you’re in the mood to knock yourself out.

There’s plenty other specials on the night and a free cocktail if you come dressed for the occasion!


Constellation Café, Located near the Worker’s Stadium North, Xingfu Yicun Xili, Building 6A, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Phone: 136 8107 9980.

鲜花园幸福一村西里甲6103  新疆红玫瑰砰便

Game of Thrones Viewing Party at Constellation Cafe

Today marks a bittersweet day for us. As we approach the 2 year anniversary of our Sanlitun store we’ve made the tough decision to close our store. Our lease ends on August 8 so this will be our last weekend and our last day of trade will probably be Tuesday or Wednesday.


When we made the decision to open the store we thought it would help spread the wonderful thing that is pies to the masses in China.

We were umming and aaghing right into the last month of our contract and in the end a new tenant was prepared to pay alot more money than what we were so the decision was made for us.

It’s disappointing to close the store and sad as we’ve got some extremely loyal customers and prided ourselves on being the only foreign pie shop in Beijing and being a renowned late night feed in Sanlitun.

However, running a store whilst having other full time jobs is exhausting and at this point in time we can better spread the word of pies by going back to our roots – deliveries and events.

We’ll be focussing our energies on bringing more products (flavours, mini pies, family pies etc) and revamping the website up to scratch.

Don’t be too sad…. we’re still offering pies

– We will still be delivering.

– We will still be doing events (school fairs, beer festivals, parties etc).

– You will see our products in a lot more places (you can get a feed at Janes and Hooch, Sweet Tooth Bakery, Unconditional Love, Deli de Luxe etc. We will post a page of stocked venues in the coming days).

– We will be offering catering soon. Stay posted and get ready for a website revamp

If you are interested to stock us in your venue or have us attend your event please email:

Hopefully in the near future you will also see another Two Guys and a Pie store.

Come by this the last weekend to the shop and celebrate “Soup Nazi style”
This will be the last weekend to see Andrew ‘mixmaster’ Papas and Matthew ‘Dough Masseuse’ Wong in the current digs. Friday and Saturday night respectively. Drop in and grab a pie and have a beer or a slushie as we say goodbye to what was a great time of our lives. Even though we will still offer pies it feels a little bit like the Soup Nazi closing for good in Seinfeld to us….

Many, many memories. A dedication to our customers:

We have had many great times and met some amazing people who have brought so many fond memories to us so we’re going to finish off this post by rattling off some of the highlights that come to mind:

– taking the pie-virginity of thousands of people. Is there anything more gratifying than seeing so many foreigners or Chinese eating meat pies for the first time in their lives? We think not. We’ve noticed our Chinese customers have been growing recently so this is unfortunate timing but we hope it’s a trend that will continue on

– we crowned Benny as our new Pie King last month after he ate 12 pies with a mountain of mash, gravy and peas on top of each. Give that man a medal. Our Pie Queen, JJ topped 6 pies. A record that has stood for over a year to this day

– playing “love hour” music on weekend evenings. We’d like to think we got a few people in the mood… for pies

– our friend May coming in with 20 inflatable balloons and taking up the entire 6sqm of space we have inside the store

– having a customer order gravy on his apple pie and ice cream on his beef pie despite our recommendation to swap it around

– customers unwittingly wiping their clothes on the magic marker writing on the pie warmer. We didn’t know whether to let them know or try to contain the laughter :P

– customers asking us where’s the toilet and we tell them to “Go nearby the tree.” Some took that literally

– being the first employer for some amazing store staff with bright futures ahead of themselves

– holding numerous conversations with semi-comprehensible customers at 2-4am. You know who you are… and we love you for it

– winning outstanding entrepreneur of the year in The Beijinger’s Restaurant awards

– running Beijing’s first crowdsourced pie competition with Timeout Beijing

– being filmed as part of the Australian TV series, Two Men in China

– the Beijing Beatles playing an acoustic set on our super intimate porch

– being invaded by a mob of zombies when we converted our shop into Mrs Lovett’s for Halloween

– featured in BTV, CRI, Bon TV, Lum Dim Sum, Beijing Boyce, The Beijinger, City Weekend, Timeout, That’s Beijing, Metro, Agenda, China Daily and many more media platforms. Thanks for the coverage guys

– packed houses at The Hutong for Pies and Ales nights

– being nominated in the late night category against behemoths such as Jin Ding Xuan, The Den and Bellagio

– representing at various Australia Day celebrations and sports functions

– helping raise over 10000rmb to fund an entire library in an under resourced school via the Library Project as part of Maovember

– donating to many, many worthwhile causes

– “celebrity spotting” – NBA winner Mike McGee. TV personality Stan Grant, HG from Roy and HG, Tim Flannery, Eliza Orlins from Survivor, some guy with 200000 Weibo followers,  Olympics gold medal winning Chinese athletes and more

– having numerous people Australians, Kiwis, Brits, returning Chinese etc come in and cry after finally being able to get “a taste of home”. Some have said our pies taste even better than back home. Music to the ears

– having a mysterious “egg shower” fall down on us at 3am from the building above us
The list goes on…

Once again, thanks for all of your support and we look are looking forward to seeing you all out in force this weekend.

Andrew and Matt

“Candy might be sweet, but it’s a traveling carnival blowing through town. Pie is home. People always come home.” ~ Pushing Daisies

“Pie is the food of the heroic. No pie eating nation can ever be vanquished.”  ~ NY Times


We teamed up with Timeout Beijing to run a competition for their readers inviting them to submit their ideas for a pie. The winner receiving:

– a year’s worth of pies

– their idea coming to life as the May special!

If you want to find out the winner scroll to the bottom of the blog or watch the results being read.

We received around 50 entries from the Timeout faithful with many great entries. They were culled to a shortlist of 4 but we still couldn’t decide the winner so the only way to resolve this was to bring all of the contenders to life and taste them!

A panel of Beijing personalities were chosen to come in, try the contenders and then vote for the winner via secret ballot ala Survivor style.

The Pie Jury

The Pie Jury

The contenders:
1. Shangpai. Inspired by the Beggar’s chicken with various Chinese spices
2. Pierate of the Caribbean. Chicken, sweet potato, coconut milk, lime, mushroom stock
3. Two guys and a Thai. Green curry paste, chicken, zucchini and coconut milk
4. Pie Italiana. Spinach, ricotta and béchamel sauce


The voting process:

Judges sampled all of the contenders first. Matt being a Survivor nerd then had each of the judges cast their votes in secret and provide a confessional about which pie they were voting for and were forbidden from influencing their fellow judges with instructions including:

“YOU as a pie jury member will help decide the winner by writing down the winning pie in your eyes on the paper provided. Do not mention to the other jury members who you will be voting for as all votes will be read out. You are an individual with your own thoughts!”

The Pie Jury Deliberates

The Pie Jury Deliberates

The winner is announced and who the judges vote for:

So which pie outwitted, outpied and outlasted the rest? Watch the votes read out one by one via video. Each juror’s votes are below or scroll to the bottom to find out the winner!

1. Kristen “the socialite” aka Lumdimsum did a recap on the event. Who did she vote for?

2. Polly “the ex” pie queen and writer for Timeout. Who did she vote for?

3. Jared “the DJ” casts his vote

4. Sean “the writer” casts his vote

5. Josh “the devil” representing the rugby players casts his vote

6. May “the Aussie” casts her vote

7. Sue “the chef” from The Hutong casts her vote

8. Nina “the body” painter votes

Interestingly, all contenders received a vote  but ultimately the winner crowned was “Two Guys and a Thai.”

It’s available as we speak so make your way over to the Two Guys and a Pie HQ and we hope you enjoy tasting it! Shoutout to all who entered and better luck next time if you didn’t win!


Read blogs from some of our pie jury members!

1) Timeout article announcing the winner

2) LumDimSum blog on the showdown

We have been receiving a number of calls for lunch deliveries to offices. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver hot pies to places like Jian Wai, CBD, Zhong Guan Cun and Lidu for lunch.

However, we have decided to make a pie for lunch more convenient by delivering them to you frozen each month to heat up when your belly desires. If you don’t own an oven we will provide you with a brand spankin’ new toaster oven if you can commit to an order each month for one year!

In order to qualify for the free toaster oven, simply order at least a dozen pies each month for a whole year and we will ‘song’ your office a toaster oven. 

Call us on 186 1255 7637 for more details.

Heyyyyyyyy hungry faces!

Nom’ nom’ pie guys style!

The pie of the month this February is our “PSY” pie; Gangnam in its stylin, this spicy beauty is filled with moist chicken that has been marinated in Gochujang (that is the red Korean chili paste), along with some spinach, sesame oil and special herbs.
Get your mouth around it!


PSY pie time

PSY pie time

Our first Australia Day was a raging success with numerous bars serving our pies and the shop had a steady flow of merry folk throughout the day.

If you came by the Stumble Inn you would have seen us there too and it was quite the turnout.

We all listened and sang to the triple J hottest 100 (though the #1 song was a bit cheesy!). It was great to see everyone dressed up in footy jerseys, sports shorts and outfits certainly not fit for the winter under normal circumstances.

Highlight of the day was Eliza Orlins from Survivor and her sister Sabrina coming by the shop to visit Survivor tragic Matt! They are really cool girls and they even know what Tim Tams are!

It’s days like these that make you feel right at home in China. We enjoyed meeting some new faces and saying hi to more than a few familiar faces!

Eliza Orlins from Survivor pops by

Eliza Orlins from Survivor pops by



This Saturday is Australia Day and we shall be celebrating in a big way! Australia Day is the official national day of Australia and is on January 26 each year, where people celebrate the fact they are Australian and go to an array of events and activities around the world.

The most common things that happen on Australia day are drinking copious amounts of alcohol, listening and singing along to Australian music, going to the beach and of course eating meat pies!

To get into the spirit of Australia day there are a bunch of things going on in the world of Two Guys and a Pie:

1) At our shop

– receive free toppings on your pies in the shop all weekend if you wear something Australian (e.g wear green and gold, tattoos of the Australian flag etc) or sing an Australian song (think Cold Chisel, AC/DC, Kylie Minogue, Men at Work, Jet etc)!

– we will be playing the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown

– we might be dishing out some vegemite pastry samplers on the day

2) The lads at popular drinking hole, the Stumble Inn will also be celebrating Australia Day and word has it they ran out of alcohol last year (how does a bar run out of alcohol? Well it does with a bunch of Australians….) so it should make for a fun filled day of shenanigans. We shall also be there personally to serve out the pies!

3) There are a number of other venues we recommend you pop into for Australia day and where you will be able to get your hands on a pie.

Plan b in Shuangjing

Bang Bang Pizza in Shuangjing

12SQM in Nanluoguxiang

Serk in Beixinqiao

Deli de Luxe in Chaoyang Park West


Proud as pie to be an Aussie

Proud as pie to be an Aussie




For those who have been bunching our pies from the get go, you know Two Guys and a Pie began as a delivery service, often in weather similar to now using trains, buses, bikes and by foot.  Deliveries were suspended as we focused on opening our little store in the watering holes of  Sanlitun.

Now we are primed to deliver hot pies directly to your door! Call us on 186 1105 3912 to put your order in.

During this soft period, we are only delivering hot pies and sausage rolls within 3km. You can look at the map below to see if you fall into the delivery zone.

If you are outside this area and would like some frozen pies delivered to your door, give us a call and we will do our best to work something out. We can deliver Tuesday – Sunday, from 6:30 pm – 11pm.

Two Guys and a Pie Delivery Zone

Two Guys and a Pie Delivery Zone

Fellow pie eaters, we have our January pie!  Get ready for the BBC (beef, bacon and cheese) – To borrow a quote from everyone’s favorite teen movie (or Matt’s at least), we use our classic Slow Lovin Aussie and have taken it to “the next step.”

We have added chunks of bacon to the filling and then a smattering of mozzarella cheese on top.  The resulting pie is chewy, gooey and delish.

In December, you showed your love for the ‘Sup Lamb’.  So much so, that we have had to keep making it.  You can still find it in our store until the end of January!

The BBC - Going to "the next level"

The BBC - "Here's to the next step"


Back in Australia, those who possess a beer belly or carry a little extra baggage are often subjected to the line “Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies? You fat bastard! You fat bastard! You ate all the pies!”

As a homage to this chant we are running a competition to see who can eat the most pies and become the “pie king” or “pie queen” of  our shop. Read the rules at the end of the post.

Polly the Pie Queen

"Polly the Pie Queen"


Latest Update: The original pie queen has been dethroned! Polly from Timeout magazine came into the shop and managed to smash the required 4 pies with zheige neige. She even added a dollop of vanilla ice cream just for giggles. Congratulations!

Update 5: Hooha! We finally have a pie queen! Christine has managed to knock off the 3 pies with the zheige neige. We set this as the benchmark in order to crown our first pie queen and she passed with flying colors! 

Zona our current pie king with pie number 8

Zona our current pie king with pie number 8

Update 4:  And we have our first person to hold the title on two occasion! Zona fresh off becoming a new father has returned to our shop to take care of serious business…. like reclaiming his title of pie king! Clocking in at 1 hour and 20 minutes he managed to knock off 8 pies with the zheige neige to become the pie king once again! Booya!

Update 3: Wow the records keep tumbling! Zona has been relegated to the Loser’s Lounge with Barney because we have a new pie king! Ben from New Zealand (and coincidentally Barney’s friend but doesn’t everyone there know each other?) has exacted revenge for his comrade and downed 7 pies with the zheige neige! He flew through the first 5 pies and looked like he would come up short. But urged on through some Haka chants and some NZ patriotism he managed to soldier on and finish the 7 pies.

We are still waiting for our first pie queen! In order to qualify you must of course be female but you will need to smash 3 pies with the zheige neige!

Update 2: Our pie king has been overthrown and by an American of all people! Zona has smashed 6 pies with the zheige neige in a little under 70 minutes! The crazy thing is he had already eaten dinner and was playing in a beer pong competition run by our friends at Mashup! He will be a force to be reckoned with given his track record includes winning the Kro’s Nest Pizza Challenge and the Nathan’s hot dog eating competition!

Update 1: Our first pie king is Barney from New Zealand, who ate 5 pies with the Zheige Neige. We still require our first “pie queen!”


The rules:

1) Whoever can eat the most pies with the zheige neige in a day is the original pie king or queen (if you are vegetarian you will have extra mash instead of the gravy)

2) To become the new pie king or queen you must eat at least one more additional pie with the zheige neige than the current holder

3) You are allowed to exit the shop so long as all pies are eaten on premises

4) Pies can be eaten over the course of a day

The rewards:

1) You get crowned as the pie king or queen and receive your own dedicated place on the wall in our shop

2) We will play “Simply the best” by Jimmy Barnes and Tina Turner each time you come into the shop

3) Most importantly, you will be entitled to a  free pie for each day you come into our shop!