The December pie is the “Sup Lamb.”  Inspired by one of our fans who wanted a lamb pie akin to the Xinjiang chuan that you can find throughout Beijing.  Your ‘Ge Men Er’ thought about this and while we cannot reproduce the black charcoal smokiness, what we can and have done is bring you the taste of Sunday roast in a pie.

You haven’t been to Beijing till you’ve had yang rou chuan

We start by carving up a shoulder of lamb.  Dousing it in flour, salt and pepper we then simmer cubes of lamb with some homely vegetables along with herbs and spices.  After hours of stewing in a tomato-laced broth it’s good to go!

Inspired by 羊肉串 (Yang Rou Chuan)

Inspired by 羊肉串 (Yang Rou Chuan)


Sleep as Roll

Sleep as Roll

We have now been in our shop for the better part of a month.  Well settled, we have started to roll out some new products.  Along with the Slow Lovin Aussie, Sweet Tweet and Garden of Pie, our little pastry family has been joined by the sausage roll aka Sleepy as Roll.

The most common request we have had is to offer sausage rolls and the day has arrived!

After being mixed with our special blend of herbs and spices, finely chopped pork is left to rest giving time for all of the flavors to meld together.  Then we wrap it up in our lovely puff pastry, before putting it in a hot oven to get its pillow like puff. Enjoy!

The Barney Pie

The Barney Pie

Each month we will offer a special pie, curated by one of you pie munchers!

The November pie of the month is “The Barney” and is in fact our first ever pie of the month.

A little quiche like, this is apparently how Kiwis like their pies.  Blankets of bacon intertwined with egg and topped with cheese, pepper and slices of fresh tomatoes.  A great little snack and perfect for brunch or dinner!

In order to be in the running for a future pie of the month, simply take a photo of yourself  getting stuck into one of our pies and post it to our Facebook page or Weibo (哥们儿派) along with your pie idea! With Thanksgiving just around the corner we’d love to hear your ideas for the December pie!

Mrs Lovett's Grand Re-opening in Sanlitun

Mrs Lovett's Grand Re-opening in Sanlitun

It is with great regret we have to announce Two Guys & a Pie will be closing it’s doors….. For this weekend.

To get into the spirit of Halloween, Two Guys & a Pie shall be known as “Mrs Lovett’s meat pies” this weekend in honor of the movie Sweeney Todd.

So swing by for a pie, inhale some pumpkin soup and pop by for a drink this weekend at Mrs Lovett’s!

Two... erm three guys and a pie

Two... erm three guys and a pie

We are officially open! Our soft opening weekend was a great success and many friends, family, pie lovers and new pie pengyous came to visit! We will be open 6 days a week from next week.

More photos from the opening weekend to be posted later!

It’s been a busy year for all things pies and we’ve been a little slow to write the latest blog post.

We have been working on an exciting project that we hope to launch shortly. As a result, we are temporarily suspending our home delivery business.

Fear not as pies will soon be available. Thank for your understanding.

Cheers – Andrew and Matt

There are plenty of people in this world who work 2 jobs like us, some even more…. and I fully give them props. It ain’t easy but if you are chasing your dreams, whether it be saving for a house, preparing for a wedding or trying to start up a business like us it’s worth the sleepless nights and blood, sweat and tears.

When things get tough, you just need to remind yourself why you are doing this and just to have fun with it. I remember standing on a crowded train from Harbin to Beijing last year. I had traveled to Harbin for their infamous Ice Festival and it my excitement to go had managed to get my ticket to Harbin without properly looking into the logistics of getting back to Beijing.

It was at the end of the Chinese New Year holiday and so it was impossible to get train tickets. For those of you unfamiliar with Chinese New Year, this is the time when those who work in Beijing, return to their home towns to visit friends and family. Once the holiday draws to a close they need to make their way back to Beijing for work, but there is only a limited number of train and plane tickets available, creating a mass frenzy to get one of the few tickets.

I only managed to find a standing ticket and there were no seated tickets available for another week. What is a standing ticket? It is exactly what it sounds like. It means standing in the aisle where food trolleys and people constantly pass you by. I don’t think they even sell this kind of ticket in Australia! I just had to suck it up.

There was nothing for me to lean on, I didn’t have a toilet break, I ate nothing and I had 3 sips of water during the entire 12 hour journey! It was one of the toughest things I have ever had to do but I thought of it as an experience to remember and passed the time by playing any kind of games I could think of with my friend. I Spy, making conversation with song lyrics, naming countries from A-Z, naming baby names A-Z etc. At the end of the day, the reason I got myself into it was to finally visit the Harbin Ice festival which I had been wanting to do for years. And that helped ease the pain of the experience.

I would never subject myself to do a standing train ride in China for that kind of length of time again but I will always remember it.

Being a new venture in Beijing, people are curious to know who we are, why we are doing it and how we do it.

Put simply we are two Australian expats who think there is something sorely lacking in Beijing… a good old fashioned Aussie meat pie. There’s potential for meat pies to gain mass acceptance in Beijing and we feel like we are in a way acting as ambassadors for Australia which creates a fuzziness in our pie bellies. People have been quite supportive of us so far especially Aussies, Brits and Kiwis though we’ve had other nationalities and Chinese try our pies too.

In terms of how we are operating, we are still a two man band despite both of us working full time jobs. Andrew works for China’s only independent travel network, Dragon Experience, while I work for a cultural and student exchange company, IES Global. As a result, in order to fill orders we are presently cooking on weekends or late on week nights.

On the week nights this has extended into the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes we work till 3am, on occasions 4am and our record to date is 5am! We have had to late nights back to back to back as well. I don’t want to hear NBA players complaining about playing 3 days in a row this season when they are receiving big fat checks to play sports for a living!

Neither of us have prior cooking experience (I have worked at KFC, Starbucks, Black Stump and every other fast food joint, whilst Andrew used to sell hot dogs to predominantly drunk people on the streets), so venturing into pies is a little random for us but that’s where some of the appeal lies.

Two of my favourite tv shows are all about moonlighting. Ed, starring Tom Cavanagh, is about a lawyer who set up his law practice in a bowling whilst also owning the bowling alley.

Bored to Death, is a current fave of mine that stars Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis (the bearded guy from Hangover). Jason Schwartzman, plays the role of Jonathan Ames, a writer who is struggling with writer’s block as he tries to follow up to his first novel. In order to gain inspiration or maybe out of complete boredom, he puts an ad up on Craigslist advertising himself as an unlicensed detective at reasonable rates.

Bored to Death? Start moonlighting

The show focuses more on Jonathan moonlighting as a detective than his job as a writer which makes the show so appealing through all the crazy cases he takes on. I like the combination of occupations that Jonathan Ames and Ed juggle, and though they may be fictional characters, I certainly draw inspiration from them as we moonlight as pie-preneurs.

To all the other moonlighters out there,  we hope you are having as much fun as we are.


I remember deciding to make some chili one night with my roommate.  He was a true Texas cock. As I pulled out a can of beans, he gave me a look of disgust.

‘There aint no beans in Chili’ he drawled.

He saw my confusion and looked with pity as he explained the way that they make chili in Texas.  Now, to this day, I have not been to America, so cannot comment on the authenticity of our Texas Chili, but I am sure you will agree, one smell and you’ll be fixin for a chili pie.

We started by making our chili sauce; raw chilis (peeled and deseeded), black pepper, coriander and a little cumin and salt, mixed together until it becomes a pungent paste.  We leave the paste for a little to let the flavors meld together. While it is resting, we cut up a slab of beef flank into bite size chunks, fry it with some onions and tip in some of the chili paste along with our customary hand made beef stock.  It simmers for more than a few hours until the beef becomes supple.


The first time I tried it, it blew my head off for a few seconds, and then mellowed into chili bliss.  Not like eating copious amounts of Indian, more like a warm, fuzzy buzz.


Once it is in our standard pastry shell, the flavor softens and is what we call TWO GUYS and a TEXAS CHILI PIE

We’ve gotten a 100% beef pie and a chicken vegetable curry pie down pat and so it’s now or never to find out if Beijing is ready for Aussie meat pies! We’re about to hit the bars, delis and streets very soon so get ready Beijing!