Being a new venture in Beijing, people are curious to know who we are, why we are doing it and how we do it.

Put simply we are two Australian expats who think there is something sorely lacking in Beijing… a good old fashioned Aussie meat pie. There’s potential for meat pies to gain mass acceptance in Beijing and we feel like we are in a way acting as ambassadors for Australia which creates a fuzziness in our pie bellies. People have been quite supportive of us so far especially Aussies, Brits and Kiwis though we’ve had other nationalities and Chinese try our pies too.

In terms of how we are operating, we are still a two man band despite both of us working full time jobs. Andrew works for China’s only independent travel network, Dragon Experience, while I work for a cultural and student exchange company, IES Global. As a result, in order to fill orders we are presently cooking on weekends or late on week nights.

On the week nights this has extended into the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes we work till 3am, on occasions 4am and our record to date is 5am! We have had to late nights back to back to back as well. I don’t want to hear NBA players complaining about playing 3 days in a row this season when they are receiving big fat checks to play sports for a living!

Neither of us have prior cooking experience (I have worked at KFC, Starbucks, Black Stump and every other fast food joint, whilst Andrew used to sell hot dogs to predominantly drunk people on the streets), so venturing into pies is a little random for us but that’s where some of the appeal lies.

Two of my favourite tv shows are all about moonlighting. Ed, starring Tom Cavanagh, is about a lawyer who set up his law practice in a bowling whilst also owning the bowling alley.

Bored to Death, is a current fave of mine that stars Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis (the bearded guy from Hangover). Jason Schwartzman, plays the role of Jonathan Ames, a writer who is struggling with writer’s block as he tries to follow up to his first novel. In order to gain inspiration or maybe out of complete boredom, he puts an ad up on Craigslist advertising himself as an unlicensed detective at reasonable rates.

Bored to Death? Start moonlighting

The show focuses more on Jonathan moonlighting as a detective than his job as a writer which makes the show so appealing through all the crazy cases he takes on. I like the combination of occupations that Jonathan Ames and Ed juggle, and though they may be fictional characters, I certainly draw inspiration from them as we moonlight as pie-preneurs.

To all the other moonlighters out there,  we hope you are having as much fun as we are.