We teamed up with Timeout Beijing to run a competition for their readers inviting them to submit their ideas for a pie. The winner receiving:

– a year’s worth of pies

– their idea coming to life as the May special!

If you want to find out the winner scroll to the bottom of the blog or watch the results being read.

We received around 50 entries from the Timeout faithful with many great entries. They were culled to a shortlist of 4 but we still couldn’t decide the winner so the only way to resolve this was to bring all of the contenders to life and taste them!

A panel of Beijing personalities were chosen to come in, try the contenders and then vote for the winner via secret ballot ala Survivor style.

The Pie Jury

The Pie Jury

The contenders:
1. Shangpai. Inspired by the Beggar’s chicken with various Chinese spices
2. Pierate of the Caribbean. Chicken, sweet potato, coconut milk, lime, mushroom stock
3. Two guys and a Thai. Green curry paste, chicken, zucchini and coconut milk
4. Pie Italiana. Spinach, ricotta and béchamel sauce


The voting process:

Judges sampled all of the contenders first. Matt being a Survivor nerd then had each of the judges cast their votes in secret and provide a confessional about which pie they were voting for and were forbidden from influencing their fellow judges with instructions including:

“YOU as a pie jury member will help decide the winner by writing down the winning pie in your eyes on the paper provided. Do not mention to the other jury members who you will be voting for as all votes will be read out. You are an individual with your own thoughts!”

The Pie Jury Deliberates

The Pie Jury Deliberates

The winner is announced and who the judges vote for:

So which pie outwitted, outpied and outlasted the rest? Watch the votes read out one by one via video. Each juror’s votes are below or scroll to the bottom to find out the winner!

1. Kristen “the socialite” aka Lumdimsum did a recap on the event. Who did she vote for?

2. Polly “the ex” pie queen and writer for Timeout. Who did she vote for?

3. Jared “the DJ” casts his vote

4. Sean “the writer” casts his vote

5. Josh “the devil” representing the rugby players casts his vote

6. May “the Aussie” casts her vote

7. Sue “the chef” from The Hutong casts her vote

8. Nina “the body” painter votes

Interestingly, all contenders received a vote  but ultimately the winner crowned was “Two Guys and a Thai.”

It’s available as we speak so make your way over to the Two Guys and a Pie HQ and we hope you enjoy tasting it! Shoutout to all who entered and better luck next time if you didn’t win!


Read blogs from some of our pie jury members!

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