I remember deciding to make some chili one night with my roommate.  He was a true Texas cock. As I pulled out a can of beans, he gave me a look of disgust.

‘There aint no beans in Chili’ he drawled.

He saw my confusion and looked with pity as he explained the way that they make chili in Texas.  Now, to this day, I have not been to America, so cannot comment on the authenticity of our Texas Chili, but I am sure you will agree, one smell and you’ll be fixin for a chili pie.

We started by making our chili sauce; raw chilis (peeled and deseeded), black pepper, coriander and a little cumin and salt, mixed together until it becomes a pungent paste.  We leave the paste for a little to let the flavors meld together. While it is resting, we cut up a slab of beef flank into bite size chunks, fry it with some onions and tip in some of the chili paste along with our customary hand made beef stock.  It simmers for more than a few hours until the beef becomes supple.


The first time I tried it, it blew my head off for a few seconds, and then mellowed into chili bliss.  Not like eating copious amounts of Indian, more like a warm, fuzzy buzz.


Once it is in our standard pastry shell, the flavor softens and is what we call TWO GUYS and a TEXAS CHILI PIE