Back in Australia, those who possess a beer belly or carry a little extra baggage are often subjected to the line “Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies? You fat bastard! You fat bastard! You ate all the pies!”

As a homage to this chant we are running a competition to see who can eat the most pies and become the “pie king” or “pie queen” of  our shop. Read the rules at the end of the post.

Polly the Pie Queen

"Polly the Pie Queen"


Latest Update: The original pie queen has been dethroned! Polly from Timeout magazine came into the shop and managed to smash the required 4 pies with zheige neige. She even added a dollop of vanilla ice cream just for giggles. Congratulations!

Update 5: Hooha! We finally have a pie queen! Christine has managed to knock off the 3 pies with the zheige neige. We set this as the benchmark in order to crown our first pie queen and she passed with flying colors! 

Zona our current pie king with pie number 8

Zona our current pie king with pie number 8

Update 4:  And we have our first person to hold the title on two occasion! Zona fresh off becoming a new father has returned to our shop to take care of serious business…. like reclaiming his title of pie king! Clocking in at 1 hour and 20 minutes he managed to knock off 8 pies with the zheige neige to become the pie king once again! Booya!

Update 3: Wow the records keep tumbling! Zona has been relegated to the Loser’s Lounge with Barney because we have a new pie king! Ben from New Zealand (and coincidentally Barney’s friend but doesn’t everyone there know each other?) has exacted revenge for his comrade and downed 7 pies with the zheige neige! He flew through the first 5 pies and looked like he would come up short. But urged on through some Haka chants and some NZ patriotism he managed to soldier on and finish the 7 pies.

We are still waiting for our first pie queen! In order to qualify you must of course be female but you will need to smash 3 pies with the zheige neige!

Update 2: Our pie king has been overthrown and by an American of all people! Zona has smashed 6 pies with the zheige neige in a little under 70 minutes! The crazy thing is he had already eaten dinner and was playing in a beer pong competition run by our friends at Mashup! He will be a force to be reckoned with given his track record includes winning the Kro’s Nest Pizza Challenge and the Nathan’s hot dog eating competition!

Update 1: Our first pie king is Barney from New Zealand, who ate 5 pies with the Zheige Neige. We still require our first “pie queen!”


The rules:

1) Whoever can eat the most pies with the zheige neige in a day is the original pie king or queen (if you are vegetarian you will have extra mash instead of the gravy)

2) To become the new pie king or queen you must eat at least one more additional pie with the zheige neige than the current holder

3) You are allowed to exit the shop so long as all pies are eaten on premises

4) Pies can be eaten over the course of a day

The rewards:

1) You get crowned as the pie king or queen and receive your own dedicated place on the wall in our shop

2) We will play “Simply the best” by Jimmy Barnes and Tina Turner each time you come into the shop

3) Most importantly, you will be entitled to a  free pie for each day you come into our shop!