Fellow pie eaters, we have our January pie!  Get ready for the BBC (beef, bacon and cheese) – To borrow a quote from everyone’s favorite teen movie (or Matt’s at least), we use our classic Slow Lovin Aussie and have taken it to “the next step.”

We have added chunks of bacon to the filling and then a smattering of mozzarella cheese on top.  The resulting pie is chewy, gooey and delish.

In December, you showed your love for the ‘Sup Lamb’.  So much so, that we have had to keep making it.  You can still find it in our store until the end of January!

The BBC - Going to "the next level"

The BBC - "Here's to the next step"


The December pie is the “Sup Lamb.”  Inspired by one of our fans who wanted a lamb pie akin to the Xinjiang chuan that you can find throughout Beijing.  Your ‘Ge Men Er’ thought about this and while we cannot reproduce the black charcoal smokiness, what we can and have done is bring you the taste of Sunday roast in a pie.

You haven’t been to Beijing till you’ve had yang rou chuan

We start by carving up a shoulder of lamb.  Dousing it in flour, salt and pepper we then simmer cubes of lamb with some homely vegetables along with herbs and spices.  After hours of stewing in a tomato-laced broth it’s good to go!

Inspired by 羊肉串 (Yang Rou Chuan)

Inspired by 羊肉串 (Yang Rou Chuan)


Sleep as Roll

Sleep as Roll

We have now been in our shop for the better part of a month.  Well settled, we have started to roll out some new products.  Along with the Slow Lovin Aussie, Sweet Tweet and Garden of Pie, our little pastry family has been joined by the sausage roll aka Sleepy as Roll.

The most common request we have had is to offer sausage rolls and the day has arrived!

After being mixed with our special blend of herbs and spices, finely chopped pork is left to rest giving time for all of the flavors to meld together.  Then we wrap it up in our lovely puff pastry, before putting it in a hot oven to get its pillow like puff. Enjoy!